Saturday, October 31, 2015

AARPA-Learn,Earn Have Fun.


Welcome to AARPA capital - Earn,Learn have fun in Indian Investment Products.
Our Success mantra is Simple Earn,Learn have Fun.
Past cannot be changed,the future is yet in your power -

10 years + of Rich Experience in the field of Banking,Insurance and Broking . 
At AARPA we Believe in  Relationship ,Transparency,Integrity,prudently and Timely.
Investment in fun,various options in investment helps you to build your future,Help you to identify your needs and want in Simple Terms.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jogeshwari Jamatkhana Stone Laying Ceremony..Happy Moments..!!

Sukhar Maula,For the Great Celebration,Which was Held in Jogeshwari behrambaug Jamatkahana .I did Enjoyed a lot.Jogeshwari Jamat was waiting for this moments for the last 30 years.And finally we had a wounderful day.looking forward for a High Profile,Centralised Ac Jogeshwari Jamatkhana in couple of years.we had a full day programme with Lunch,dinner,Dandiya Raas with manisha.Sharing you with few images of  happiness of Jogeshwari jamat.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Visit to Ahmedabad Karimabad Jamatkhana

Wow...........Lovely Great Beautiful Karimabad Ahmedabad Jamatkhana


Surat and Vapi Jamatkhana Pic

Freinds Just Visited Surat and Vapi, As usual what i do when i visit new places -Taken Pic of SuratJamatkhana and Vapi Jamatkhana.

SURAT Jamatkhana



Monday, June 29, 2009

What A session IPNOnline

My Entry Pass

What a Session Yesterday-attended International Professional Network ( IPN) Mumbai Chapter, seminar on Networking for Success.
Economic Planning Board for India and Economic Affairs Committee Conducted Networking for Success Seminar At IMC chuchgate,Mumbai India... Suresh The Speaker did a Great Job.
One can Say a 100 % successful seminar.God Bless the whole Team who conducted the can Log on to to be in touch of ismaili professional around the globe.

Note : IPN is the Independent Body, but works under the aegis of the Economic Planning Board and Economic affairs Committee.The IPN Mumbai,Organized Networking for Success Seminar with the help of EPB Western India and EPB.
They Did the excellence Job.